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Homaro’s Visions Reported in the Tribune

Owner and Head Chef of moto and owner and lead Flavor Changer of iNG restaurant, our fearless leader, Homaro Cantu was featured in a great article in the Chicago Tribune this past week. pretty sick to see word of his visions being spread unto the public conscience. The link below will take you there.


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Growin’ trees, savin’ bees

In a never ending quest to shorten food costs, increase quality, and get rid of those stinkin’ carbon emissions, moto and iNG have hit the mark. As of last week we have started using our state of the art grow room, and as a result, we’re ten times more badass, and have the freshest herb on the block. Word to that. Video coming soon, but in the meantime, here is a rock’n pic. 

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Recap : Throwing down with Pure Berlin

Not much to say, other than… Awesome. Threw down on a six course menu with Chef Miles Watson from Pure Berlin (http://www.pure-berlin.com/) to create a balls to the wall Contemporary German meets Contemporary American menu. It was a menu that blew minds- and not only for the innovative cuisine, but that also changed flavors? what? It was sick, and again i left work feeling ‘wow, this shit is not going down anywhere else in the world right now.’ It feels good to be on the cutting edge of innovation. Heres a photo with Pure - Berlin, iNG, and moto crews.  Click the following link to check it out…. IN VIDEO!!!1!


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iNG Goes Global

On March 22, 2012, iNG restaurant will be hosting world famous chef’s from the innovative restaurant/think tank/design firm known as Pure Berlin (http://www.pure-berlin.com/) Executive Chef Nate Park will be working with these two chefs to put out an incredible German influenced iNG Restaurant six course flavor changing menu. $75 with pairings included.  Click the following link for an official e-invite.